Dr. Habhab Mohamad

Name :Dr. Habhab Mohamad
Nationality: Lebanon.
Languages: Arabic. English and French.


Dr. Habhab is a senior legal consultant at Araa Group Advocates and Legal Consultants. He observes court proceedings in civil, criminal and commercial cases, performs legal consultation in commercial cases, research employment and social security law and drafted legal memoranda on litigation issues, Review contracts involving civil and commercial leases, software licenses, purchases, sales, distribution and employment, Intellectual Property issues, reviewed contracts involving civil and commercial leases, purchases, sales, distribution and employment and perform legal consultation in commercial law and real estate’s regulations.

He has an extensive knowledge and is specialized in matters regarding Cyber Crime and has a P.H.D in Cyber Crime and is a lecturer in Intensive Criminal Law and International Criminal Law for postgraduate diploma students, and is an Associate Professor in Public Law.